Applied quantum information

We continue our tradition of extensive collaboration with experimental groups to test and apply our theory in realistic scenarios. In recent years, we have had numerous joint theory/experimental projects [AQ1-AQ3, VQ5, IC5]. Currently, we are investigating novel computational models with quantum linear optics with Philip Walther's group from the University of Vienna. This research also involves collaboration within the BeyondC consortium with the group of Hans Briegel from the University of Innsbruck on quantum machine learning with quantum optical systems. Our verification and validation methods are planned to be tested on photonic (Philip Walther) and ion platforms (group of Christian Ross from the University of Innsbruck) in the future. Along the same lines, we collaborate with the team of Sabrina Maniscalco (the University of Helsinki and Algorithmiq) in quantum optimization algorithms. With the group of Markus Aspelmeyer (University of Vienna), we are investigating novel effects in optomechanical systems for applications in quantum information processing. We have developed a complete classification of dissipative phase transitions in such systems [AQ4], showing significant potential for practical applications. 


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